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Unlock Blackberry Torch Officially by Code

Have a Blackberry Torch? Want to use it with a provider other then the one it is locked to? Not a problem, using our service you will be able to unlock Blackberry Torch phone device and use it with any network provider you wish around the world. After placing an order using the form below, within 5 minutes, we will send you a unique IMEI unlock Blackberry Torch code to your email. This is a unique unlock code based on the IMEI of your phone. Your phone’s manufacturer provides the code therefore, this is the only legal solution to unlock Blackberry Torch without voiding any current services or limited warranty. After unlocking Blackberry Torch using the provided code and easy to follow video instructions, you will immediately be able to use your phone with any GSM sim card. In case of a problem or a need for assistance, we are available 24 hours a day. We will always do our best to guide and assist in any matter possible.

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Your 15 Digits IMEI number is located at the back of your phone when taking the battery out or by dialing *#06# on keypad.
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